14 thoughts on “Ken featured in Orchard Supply Train Calendar

  1. Jennifer Johnson says:

    My husband and I had a calendar of his a couple of years ago. We LOVE his artwork. He seems to know his trains!!

  2. Jim Greco says:

    As a person that loves history especially Steam era locomotives along with meeting Al Smith and have been going to his ranch (I hope you have to!!!) since 1982.
    I am honored to get this calendar this year. In seeing that they chose a local artist i just wanted to say thank you.

    • joji says:

      Hi Jim,

      Thank you for your message and kind words. In fact. we were at the Swanton ranch for the CalPoly Day on Sep 28th enjoying the live steam ride and taking photos with Al Smith’s billboard. Interestingly, we received the news that OSH is interested in my arts for the 2015 calendar in the same week! Glad you liked the calendar!!


  3. Donovan Gray says:

    It’s a truly beautiful calendar this year. Your soft approach to focus lines is very special, the colors are well realized, and the subject matter is outstanding. A very special job. Thank you very much.
    I’m in Maine, but a good friend in CA sends me the Orchard calendars every year, and here they hang on my wall for 12 months!

  4. Hi Ken, I really like your OSH calendar. The pictures are great. I worked on the railroad while in college and have chased steam locomotives all over the world. Last year I rode about 10 in England and Scotland including the Harry Potter Train. Here are links to a couple of films that I have been in about trains. I hope you enjoy them. Big Boy

    and Elephant Boy

    ecvids/videos/27353300 I can’t draw/paint as well as you can but these are a couple of efforts on my part. I really appreciate your calendar. Thaine

  5. joji says:

    Hi Thaine,
    Thank you for your kind comments. I watched your videos. They were all interesting. Is the Elephant Boy the real story of yours? I have some Lionel trains but not as big as yours.
    Happy Holidays!


  6. Haruo Aoki says:

    Congratulations on being the artist for OSH calendar 2014. I have been using their calendar for three decades, and when I heard the rumor that it was discontinued, my heart fell.

    So I am doubly excited that the tradition goes on thanks to your talent. I noticed some railfans were not as excited as I am.

    One of the reasons might be that 4 out of 12 are from the Roaring camp. Hope you stretch your legs in the future to include Norfolk and Western 611, which I understand is going to run again this year and SPS700 and SP4449 located around Portland.

    Thank you for sharing your great talent.

    • joji says:

      Hi Haruo,
      Thank you very much for your constructive comments. Glad you liked the calendar. Yes, I will stretch my legs after finishing the collage in a couple of years. So please stay tuned!


        • joji says:

          Hi Haruo-san,
          Thank you very much for sharing interesting conversations. We went to Niles canyon on Sep 2, 2013. Maybe you were there, too? Yes, your photo is surprisingly similar to mine that I used for my art. But I remember so many photographers were there at the curve.

  7. haruo aoki says:

    I forwarded a photo trip information to Jamestown in April. I am not going because I have been there several times including the special when the so-called movie-star engine was running. You and your father might enjoy the area. If the trip is steep and too competitive with other rail photographers, you might just go there when a stem engine is fired up. It is a State Park. Details below.

  8. joji says:

    Hi Haruo-san,

    Thank you for the information. I have been to Jamestown three times and drew Sierra #3. I am thinking to go there again sometime this year.


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